The 2016 Attorney Television Advertising Checklist

The 2016 Attorney Television Advertising Checklist

You learned recently that TV advertising for lawyers is beating the economy. Even as television advertising as a whole has tracked flat, legal advertising has grown six times faster from 2008 to 2014 than all other ad spending, according to the most recent Trial Lawyer Marketing report prepared for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. That’s pretty recession-proof.

But the report also notes that attorney television advertising is shaping up to be politics-proof, too, which is especially relevant as we head into the 2016 election year. While other sectors such as automotive advertising pull back as political ads flood markets in election years, legal advertising seems to be unaffected by the inevitable rate raising.

So what does that mean for your law firm in 2016? Don’t nix TV in your marketing mix. Try to make some savvier choices since your broadcast message will be competing with a wave of political ads, but by all means stay in the attorney television advertising game.

Here’s a quick checklist for smart TV advertising for lawyers in 2016.


  • Focus on TV production. If it’s finally time to freshen your message, consider some new visual elements and go for superior-quality production. Watch competing commercials that already do production well. Listen to sound quality. Be selective in voice over. Edit with an eagle eye.
  • Seriously separate yourself. Tis the season to refine that tight, quality marketing message that will lead to what your attorneys really want: higher-quality cases. Remember, it’s not just about getting bigger or more cases, but securing better ones. How can you showcase what you do well for clients in an entirely new way? What makes you different? How can you say it unlike any other law firm?
  • Consider a twist. In an election year when the airwaves will soon be saturated by heavy-hitting political commercials, people will be desperate for any advertising that’s outside the box. This might be the right year to test some unexpected creative, such as attention-grabbing animation.
  • Employ the experts. No legal firm—as savvy as attorneys are—can singlehandedly navigate the television landscape in an election year. It’s simply too complicated. Once you’ve dialed in your creative, let an expert legal advertising coach help you understand where and when to most effectively place your legal ads in 2016.


The year ahead will be an exiting one—there’s no doubt about that. But rather than shying away from the invasion of political ads, lawyers can take 2016 as an advertising challenge. How will your firm step up?

Network Affiliates has in-house creative, production and media planning departments to handle all your TV advertising needs. Call us at (888) 461-1016 today!

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