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What have you been doing to brand your law firm? Branding your law practice is crucial in today's marketplace. Branding is now even more important in this new age of digital information. Messages have become more fragmented, consumers are beginning to consume media in a different way and we just don't have the same attention span for commercials that we used to. So in this competitive market place where your message is just one fragmented message amongst many, what do you do to cut through the clutter and make your message heard?

Law firms used be to able to just place an advertisement on TV and wait for the phone calls to start rolling in.  That isn't the case anymore.  Your creative has to be in more places than just the television.  Your website is a very important piece of a comprehensive legal marketing strategy.  Placing video of your law firm's advertisements and public service announcements online has become important.  Having a branded brochure or print campaign is crucial for developing highly valuable referral sources.  Legal marketing has never been more difficult, which is why you need a capable advertising agency that is equipped to handle the ever-changing legal marketing landscape.

Network Affiliates is uniquely equipped to handle the creative demands of the legal world.  Network began providing television campaigns for lawyers in 1981.  Since then, Network has developed strong strategies for building legal websites, developing mobile marekting campaigns for attorneys and providing strong branded promotional items for law firms as well.  Network believes in providing the right creative mix for every law firm.  Our approach is to develop a unique marketing campaign for every client.  No client or market is the same and so it is foolish to approach them that way.  By taking this individualized approach, your firm will benefit from having a stronger brand and from acquiring more cases.  It is a strategy we have honed and perfected for the past 30 years.

Your firm can't afford to look and sound like every other law firm in your market.  Your firm needs a differentiated brand and the only way to get that is by taking an individualized approach to your marketing.  If you are looking for an agency to develop a stronger brand and better practice for your law firm, contact Network Affiliates.

Creative Services

Branding is crucial in today's marketplace.
What have you been doing to brand your law firm?

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Promotional Items
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Media Services

With the most comprehensive media buying system for legal advertising, our team of dedicated buyers place over $20 million in legal advertising media - more than anyone else in the world.

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Internet Marketing

As technology finds its way to more and more potential clients, the demand for immediate access to information skyrockets and the need to provide that information becomes harder to ignore.

Mobile websites ... text messaging ... social media

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