The Creative Process: From Idea to Action

When it comes to the creative process, if you let a creative team run amok without any sort of road map, you will spend a LOT of time reeling them back in. The creative process ultimately hinges on defining a clear idea of what you want to say to resonate with your audience and to […]

OTT/CTV = Streaming TV….an Opportunity

In this exceptional world filled with advertising, media, mediums, channels and ever evolving targeting options, I invite you to ask yourself this question…. Am I leveraging my advertising investment to the fullest? If you invest in advertising at all for your law firm, you know along with branding your name, expertise, service and results via […]

55+: Influencers and Decision Makers

In an era of “Boomerangers” and rising housing costs there are more multigenerational households than we’ve seen in decades. As a result of better healthcare and lifestyle changes, the 55+ demographic is actively holding influence over their families and their communities. If you look at the 55-64 population today, you’re looking at 100% of Gen […]

The 2% Difference!

Personal Injury Lawyers comprise one of the most competitive advertising categories in this country.  Leads are precious and conversion (percentage of leads to cases) is paramount to leveraging your marketing investment.  The surprising truth is that an increase of as little as 2% in your conversion rate can add millions of dollars to your bottom […]

Live Your Brand Promise

– by Tammy Kehe

What’s your brand promise? First of all, your brand isn’t your firm name, your logo, or even your business’s specialty. Brands are perceptions that live in the hearts and minds of people. They’re about the emotional and psychological connection a person experiences with you, your law firm and the service you provide. What’s more, the […]

OTT/CTV Media Buying

A high-impact tool that helps leverage your creative and media buying investment. Let’s be real. The over-arching concept of OTT/CTV advertising opportunities is still rather new to most folks. And, when they try to figure it out on their own, even the smartest, most ad savvy advertisers hear: blah blah… blahblahblah…blah! Luckily, our Digital media […]

Audio Production

Leveraging the sounds of success. There’s a great deal of psychological research around the ‘art of sound’; how audible communication effects our brains, our emotions, and most critically, the impact it has on the decisions we make. Long before there were websites, televisions, or even writing, there was oral storytelling. The spoken word pre-dates recorded […]

Television Media Buying

The advent of the internet brought a plethora of new ways to market your law firm to consumers. And yet, while online advertising is vital to your success, television advertising is still running the show. Many law firms think that broadcast and cable television advertising isn’t for them. When we ask why they believe that, […]

Convention Registration

Please make plans to join us in Orlando, Florida for our Spring 2023 Convention Join Network Affiliates’ award-winning team in Orlando, Florida, for a two-day hands-on workshop developed exclusively for Network members. Hosted at the exquisite Ritz-Carlton at Grande Lakes Orlando – a luxury resort and recreational oasis – the unmatched and upscale retreat of […]

Outdoor Advertising

An opportunity to let the sun shine on your law firm Location, location, location! Outdoor (also known as Out-of-home) advertising is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients. Our attorneys use outdoor advertising to establish a constant, familiar, and positive presence in their communities. With outdoor advertising, you can control exactly where your clients come […]