Radio Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers Radio is a wonderfully effective supplement to television advertising, or can be highly successful as a stand-alone medium. Our legal radio library is highly professional. If you have a specific idea in mind, we can also collaborate with you to create impressive, high-quality custom radio spots within a very reasonable […]


Outdoor Advertising for Attorneys Location, location, location! Billboards are a cost-effective way to reach potential clients, and with this medium, you can control exactly where your clients come from. A strategically placed billboard in a highly trafficked area can mean dozens of new clients for your firm. You hit the right person on the right […]

A Marketing Lesson Lawyers Can’t Learn Soon Enough

The single biggest mistake lawyers make in their marketing messages is making everything about themselves — their track record, their years in practice, their education, the unique advantages they have over other attorneys, etc. “What’s wrong with that?” you might ask. Well, nothing, except that these kinds of lawyer-focused messages miss the single most important […]


Curiosity killed the cat, but in this case he was rewarded! Take a look at our custom approach to testimonials: The Whole Story. This long format, custom piece gives an in-depth overview to a client’s case. As we know, a :30 testimonial spot is far from the Whole Story… Here’s Quentin’s.

How Current Accident Trends Inform Legal Marketing Strategies

2016 was a bad year for drivers in the United States… the deadliest in nearly a decade. That news came as something of a surprise when numbers were released earlier this year. After all, for some time now, the expert consensus has been that the roads are getting safer. Advances in safety technology, urban living […]


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How to Be Where Your Future Clients Already Are

You simply cannot create demand for your own legal services. And, on the flip side, because of ethics rules in most states, you can’t directly solicit clients even where demand already exists. The demand is out there, though. Plenty of people in your area need legal representation and advice. But for the most part, they […]

Focus on Your Intake and Conversion!

For lawyers, the great thing about legal marketing is you can hire an expert to handle it for you. A team of professionals can give your firm’s branding and advertising the strategy, time, and attention it needs to generate results. But there’s one thing your marketing team can’t quite do for you: turn those calls […]