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If you’re on the fence about outdoor advertising, we’re confident we can change your mind. Billboard advertising is a powerful branding tool when done right and most effective combined with other services like digital marketing, TV or radio advertising.

Here’s what you can expect from us: we love working with attorneys on big branding projects. We exercise best practices and follow compliance rules to the letter to ensure top results.

Plus, we’re all about tracking the data: with a dedicated tracking number, you don’t wonder if a billboard is working—you know.

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Reputation and Repetition

Your reputation is everything, and billboard advertising doesn’t have to compromise your integrity as an attorney. We use billboards to build brand awareness and familiarize potential clients with your firm and what you do.

Billboards are interruptive media; the large size and prominent design is perfect for capturing diverse audience attention and implanting a simple message or call to action.

Repetition is the best way to solidify a brand in the minds of an audience, and billboard advertising delivers.

Still not convinced? Here are the advantages of getting your brand on a billboard:

  • Effective media for building brand awareness
  • Generates a strong visual impact
  • Repetitive massaging builds influential market familiarity
  • Reach a diverse, guaranteed audience
  • Easily implant your message or call to action
  • Relatively low cost compared to TV advertising
  • Keeps the competition on their toes
  • Gets the phone ringing today

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It’s All About the Network

Throwing up a billboard isn’t going to launch your firm into the stratosphere, but it’s a tool we recommend when the circumstances are right.

Our expert media buyers will help find a location that works well for your firm and negotiate a competitive rate that works for your budget.

Combined with other services like social media marketing, TV advertising, or radio we’ll create an immersive market experience that potential clients won’t be able to ignore.

Plus, you’ll have access to the entire creative process, which includes focused attention on your brand and business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get effective outdoor marketing that’s just as distinct as your law firm. 

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