Why A/B testing matters in modern digital marketing for attorneys

Specific split testing can boost attorney marketing for the greater good A/B testing on webpages is an increasingly popular way to enhance the performance of digital assets and conversion rates in attorney marketing. Online A/B testing compares two “versions” (variant A and B) of a webpage, using alternate URLs or testing scripts, to see which […] Read More →

 6 Intake Mistakes You Can Fix Today to Be More Profitable!

Intake is low-hanging fruit for lawyers. However, far too many attorneys focus efforts and marketing dollars on generating more leads, rather than finding the people and implementing the processes that can truly convert those leads to cases. Law firms that master an intake process garner more cases and more ROI in the long term. It’s not necessarily […] Read More →

Referrals Belong In Your Marketing Mix

Boosting referrals has always been a significant part of attorney marketing strategies. It remains so today. In fact, last year professional services organizations cited this initiative among their top marketing priorities. Humans have a primal need to earn the praise and respect of others—and so do companies. But how we’ve gone about securing those good […] Read More →

First Class Intake Procedures Lead to Higher Conversion Rates, High Value Cases

How to get the modern client’s attention and hold your team accountable We know that the journey of today’s client—your prospective legal client—is anything but a straight path. Technology allows consumers to engage with legal brands at many touchpoints across diverse devices and platforms. In this increasingly variable environment you never know when your law […] Read More →

When to Expect ROI in the Legal Marketing and Advertising Lifecycle

Legal marketing and advertising strategies are increasingly pinned to return on investment. Why? Because advertising consultants now have better metrics to track marketing for law firms, from specialized call-tracking methods to actionable Google Analytics on Web-based advertising campaigns. Seeing a return on your investment in advertising depends on several things, such as: your new campaign […] Read More →

Are you maximizing the power of past clients?

Why referrals are the best cases that come into legal offices. Ever met a lawyer who wouldn’t prefer more qualified cases? Thought not. The most valuable cases—both financially and professionally rewarding—come from referrals. Generally speaking, referred cases tend to have the lowest cost of acquisition and come with some helpful level of “prequalification” through a […] Read More →

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