ATTN: Legal TV Advertisers, Do You Really Know Your Competition?

We often talk about adopting a mindset of success. It’s probably the single most important step you’ll take in the world of legal advertising and marketing. The most effective legal marketers are those who understand that success is challenging but also entirely attainable. Inherent in the whole “mindset of success” is having a plan. Once […] Read More →

Becoming a Legal TV Advertiser: What It Takes to Reach That Level of Success

Many attorneys think getting ahead of their competition can be as simple as running an ad on television. After all, no other medium puts you in such direct and immediate contact with so many potential clients. We’re here to tell you: there’s nothing “simple” about it. Just think about the TV ads you’ve seen in […] Read More →

Stand Out: How to Create Unique TV Ads for your Law Firm

7 EXAMPLES OF COMPELLING, NOT CHEESY, LEGAL COMMERCIALS Every lawyer can play in the TV advertising space and win new business. But you have to be doing something different than the other firm. The originality and authenticity of your campaign is critical to capturing new eyeballs; making prospective clients stop, think and remember your firm; establishing an […] Read More →

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