Why A/B testing matters in modern digital marketing for attorneys

Specific split testing can boost attorney marketing for the greater good A/B testing on webpages is an increasingly popular way to enhance the performance of digital assets and conversion rates in attorney marketing. Online A/B testing compares two “versions” (variant A and B) of a webpage, using alternate URLs or testing scripts, to see which […] Read More →

What are your top-performing pages telling you?

How to analyze and take advantage of the most popular pieces of your website Your website’s top-performing pages quickly allow you to see what information users are most drawn to and measure the overall health of your law firm’s content marketing hub. Having access to Google Analytics metrics will help you refine current content marketing […] Read More →

Do Not Miss Legal Advertising Exposure by Ignoring User’s “Second Screen”

When TV was the primary marketing engine, viewers saw your law firm’s TV ad and called the number. Today, if prospective clients are even tuned in, they are probably multitasking on a second screen (often a smartphone). What does this mean for the future of legal advertising? Well, quite the opposite of the consumer trend: […] Read More →

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