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Demand-Side Platform (DSP) & Programmatic Advertising

Leaders in Algorithm-Based Media Buys for Law Firms

Programmatic advertising is, essentially, advertising that we buy for your law firm using a highly complex computer algorithm.

This algorithm determines which buys to make based on a number of relevant factors. Then we make that buy through a digital interface called a Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Programmatic advertising demands real experience. It’s worth the investment as it gives you access to the right advertising opportunities at the right time at a lower price.

The law firm market is crowded. Digital advertising is competitive. Programmatic advertising delivers a real advantage while keeping your budget within reasonable bounds.

Essentially, our algorithms automate the entire online media buying process. By compiling enormous amounts of data and assessing real-time ad buying opportunities, the algorithms can make highly informed purchasing decisions and take immediate action.

Of course, it’s never wise to give a computer total control of your precious marketing dollars. There is an all-important human element here too, and it’s one that Demand-Side Platform users often overlook.

At Network Affiliates, we emphasize programmatic advertising as only one part of a larger online advertising strategy for law firms. For every algorithm we manage, there’s a whole team of legal marketing experts meticulously monitoring, controlling, and adjusting your ad campaigns.

We use computers as tools, not as substitutes. At every turn, our goal is always to get you new clients and better cases while improving your ROI. Demand-Side Platforms and programmatic advertising are powerful means to that end.

How a Demand-Side Platform & Programmatic Advertising Works

Online ad space is limited. Google search results, for example, limit search results to three paid ads each. Ad space is sold in an online auction, and the fastest fingers win.

But fast fingers aren’t necessarily smart. To truly make the most of online marketing for law firms, you need to be able to make wise and insightful purchasing decisions in the flash of an eye. Programmatic advertising does just that.

Publishers offer ad placements on the virtual exchange, and then our computers identify the smartest placements and place bids on them according to your budget. If all goes well, the result is that your ad gets instant placement and starts driving prospective clients to your website right away.

Consider, for example, a local home improvement retailer who wants to target a specific demographic: Women 25-54 who’ve made a home-and-garden purchase in the last month.

Our algorithms can find those placement opportunities and immediately display ads to women in that demographic.

It all sounds very complicated, and there’s an incredible amount of data and technological wizardry involved — but it all happens in less than the time it takes to load a single web page.

Combining Traditional Marketing & Programmatic Advertising for Law Firms

At Network Affiliates, algorithmic advertising is only our latest innovation for law firms. Our agency was the first to produce television commercials for attorneys, and we have continued with that pioneering spirit well into the internet age. Whole generations of law firms have turned to Network Affiliates for highly effective, practice-growing marketing.

Our experience and reputation aren’t our only differentiators, though. We also bring a unique strategy to programmatic advertising, one that doesn’t leave all the heavy lifting to computers.

Rather, we look at your law firm as an entire brand. Online marketing and remarketing is a part of that, and certainly, DSP buys are critical to making those efforts successful. But your PPC ads should simultaneously complement your traditional marketing efforts too.

You can count on our team to continually monitor and assess your advertisements and coordinate them with all of our other efforts on your behalf.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Legal Marketing Experts

There’s a lot to know about Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and programmatic advertising for law firms. To thank you for your time, we’d like to leave to leave you with some free advice in the form of a checklist, which you can use whether you choose to work with us, another agency, or directly with a vendor:

  • Are you paying per click or per impression? That distinction can make an enormous difference in your budget.
  • Are you using programmatic buys to place retargeted ads too? If not, you could be losing leads you already captured.
  • Is your ad being purchased through a fixed or dynamic platform? (If dynamic, is your media partner disclosing how you’re being charged for their service? And can they make changes at their discretion?)

If you aren’t sure about those answers, or if you’d simply like to learn more about how this admittedly complicated concept can measurably grow your practice, we invite you to a free consultation. We’d love to help.


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