Why Do Effective Ads Go All the Way

dart hits bullseye for tv advertising pageMake a connection. Make a story. Make your mark. After decades of developing, running and tracking TV ads, we know that these are some of key elements of an effective television advertisement.

No matter what the industry, ads must do a few things very well in order to “break through the clutter” in the crowded TV environment and stick in the mind of consumers. After all, with 38 ads per minute competing for eyes and ears on national TV alone, your law firm has needs a strong strategy to stand out, capture your target audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few tried-and-true tricks of the trade that continue to work well in the legal advertising space:

Connect. Creating a human connection through emotion is one of the most powerful messages you can send through a commercial. The human brain not only registers something that makes it cry, laugh or react, it stores (remembers) these moments, which this the ultimate goal of an ad. When a potential client needs a lawyer fast, the ability to recall a commercial (and firm name) stored in that place where feelings hang out is priceless.

Relate. In order to connect, a message shown and told through TV needs to quickly relate to the audience it’s intended for. So whether you’re explaining the need for a personal injury lawyer or the importance of strong legal representation in a mesothelioma case, use characters and situations with which viewers can quickly identify or associate on a visceral level.

Storytell. Ads can no longer simply relay information in a static way and expect to make an unforgettable impact. People need simple communication that tells a message through a compelling, entertaining story. Better yet, where possible, use dialogue rather than prose to bring your brand or promise to life and help viewers make a visual and auditory imprint of your ad.