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Today’s market has more media than ever before. That means media buying must be smart to be effective.

While websites and cable networks might seem limitless, your firm’s budget isn’t. Each media buy represents an investment and you want that investment to strike a balance between affordable costs and high returns.

It’s all about getting your firm in front of the right faces at the right time and for the right price.

That’s no easy achievement. Media buying is an art and a science all its own, and only constant study and extensive experience can produce the best results.

At Network Affiliates, we emphasize media buying as strategy. Each buy must be informed by clearly defined goals and kept in check with analytics that measure performance and results.

As legal marketers, we have the privilege of working with smart and savvy clients. That allows for dependable and crystal-clear communication. We recognize, of course, that you’re very busy, and marketing isn’t your job (it’s ours). We keep our reports straightforward and to the point without ever compromising the important metrics within.

We’re the media buying experts, but it’s your brand, and we are dedicated to keeping you informed and in control. Whether you’re in ink or HD, we’re here to make you look your best and appreciably grow your practice.

We Get to Know You… and Your Audience

Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your law firm — your core beliefs, your branding, your practice areas, your strengths, and anything that will help us make a unique impression for your firm in a crowded media market.

Even more importantly, we want to learn all about your audience. Who are the people that are likely to respond to your advertising? Where do they live, what do they watch, are they newspaper people, how do they spend their time, etc.?

Our media buying professionals are extensively trained in the art of market research. We’ll identify your potential client base and learn not only where they are but also who they are — and which types of messaging they’re likely to connect with.

The Negotiation Game

What so many media buying organizations fail to appreciate is that media buying for law firms is ultimately a negotiation game. Our team works hard to negotiate compelling and competitive rates for your firm, as well as great placement.

The Network Affiliates team includes seasoned media buyerssome with 30+ years in the industry. Indeed, some have been with our agency for nearly that long — 28 years and counting.

By leveraging our experts’ longstanding relationships with reps in every market, we’re often able to get our clients deals and placement opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else.
There isn’t a deal that our pros haven’t negotiated before. We have extensive experience and perspective in this market, along with a robust bank of historical market data, and we’re ready to put all of that to work for you.

Data-Driven Media Placement: Sometimes Less Is More

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to maintain the very best industry data, research, and technology available. Our resources include:

  • Nielsen TV and Audio Ratings
  • Strata
  • Kantar Media
  • Much more! (You didn’t expect us to give away all our secrets, did you?)

As with most advertising, a haphazard approach to media buying can be disastrous. The point is to build up your business and boost your profitability in the long term, not to hemorrhage funds for an ad campaign that costs more than it’s worth.

In the wrong hands, it’s all too easy to make incredibly costly mistakes.

A few hits at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place, with exactly the right people, are really what you need to make the phone ring.

Our customized, data-driven approach allows us to do exactly that — every time.

Monitoring Your Results (and the Competition)

When is the last time your marketing firm offered you a clear, concise report on the current competitive landscape in your market? We believe you should be consistently updated as to where your firm ranks and whether your share of the market is effectively growing.

At Network Affiliates, we engage rigorously in Post-Buy Analysis — or what we call your marketing Report Card. It’s exactly what it sounds like:

  • Did we get the Nielsen ratings we were promised?
  • Are leads coming in to the website? Are they converting?
  • Is the phone ringing?
  • How many impressions did we make?
  • Are the costs of one platform justified, given the returns on another?
  • Did we reach our targets? If not, why?
  • Is it time to recalibrate or pull the plug on a particular platform?

…Those are just some of the questions we ask ourselves for every client, every day. As with everything else we do, our metrics are custom-calibrated to match each firm’s unique campaigns.

Equipped with this hard data, we have a reliable gauge for measuring your “share of voice” within your market. We’re able to react to changes and make budget recommendations based on the especially competitive nature of your market.

We want to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what we can change. The sooner we know, the more cost-effectively you can adapt. That’s why we keep two fingers on your campaigns’ pulse at all times — and send you the results with regularity.

But we aren’t only looking at your success. We keep an eye on your competitors too. They’re likely advertising in the same markets, and we’re going to work hard to make your efforts more successful than theirs.

We are a full-disclosure agency. You can count on us to provide detailed billing and copies of every invoice to clearly chart exactly where and how your investment is being spent.

Network Affiliates enjoys a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail. We turn over every stone. Our quest is clear: getting you the most that your money can buy.

The Types of Media We Buy

“Media” is rather a loaded term these days — it encompasses so much. Daily, we’re working with platforms that no one had dreamed of a decade ago. Change happens quickly in this sector, and we recognize the importance of staying atop the trends.

Ultimately, the question of which media platforms are right for your firm is an intensively individualized inquiry.

There is no uniform approach to media buying for law firms. Rather, we develop a customized profile for your firm that precisely targets the best available platforms for investment.

Depending on your markets, goals, and budget, we might recommend any of the following media platforms, all of which we buy with some regularity:


  • Local / affiliate television
  • Broadcast TV
  • Cable TV

Radio Ad Placement

  • National, regional, and local radio
  • Syndicated radio
  • Satellite radio

Print & Direct Mail

  • Newspaper (both targeted premium ads & ROP run-of-paper advertising)
  • Magazine ads
  • Free Standing Inserts (FSIs)
  • Community publications, fliers, wraps, and more
  • Direct mail using targeted mailing lists
  • Marriage mail, shared mailing, coupon inserts, and more

Digital Media

  • Email blasts & campaigns
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Banner ads
  • Digital video advertising
  • Digital rollout campaigns to correspond with TV advertising

Outdoor Outbound

  • Billboards (digital and static)
  • Bus wraps & bench advertising
  • Local theater advertising (movie theaters and community/performing arts)

These are only a few of the platforms we target. Your specific list will depend on your budget, market, and goals.

Many firms focus primarily on traditional advertising (television and newspaper, for example). Others prefer to make a broader impression or to emphasize digital campaigns.

Our media buying team is ready to custom-create a buying strategy that uniquely suits your firm.

Our goal is to put together a complete, customized media plan that will:

  • Increase your reach
  • Generate awareness (for your brand and your message)
  • Build buzz
  • Put your firm at the top of viewers’ minds
  • Create new opportunities for your firm to acquire new clients

Leaders in Media Buying for Law Firms from Day One

Media buying is powerful, but it hasn’t always been available to law firms. In fact, just a few decades ago, lawyers were altogether prohibited from engaging in most kinds of advertising.

That all changed in 1977, when the United States Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision in Bates v. State Bar of Arizona. At long last, lawyers were allowed to advertise. A whole new world was open to law firms, and our company led that charge.

Our late founder, Norton Frickey was a renowned attorney and a Colorado legend. When he founded our company in 1981, he became a pioneer in broadcast advertising for lawyers. Network Affiliates launched some of the first and most successful attorney television commercials in the country; turning passionate lawyers into household names.

Our passion for success runs deep, dating all the way back to Day One. Network Affiliates is the agency that started it all. We pioneered legal media buying, and we’re still driving it today.

Get Started with Media Buying for Law Firms

Media buying is critical to successfully implementing any law firm marketing campaign. Smart choices can make all the difference.
If you’d like to learn more about media buying for your law firm, give our office a call today. We offer affordable and effective solutions, designed to bring more clients to your door.