Radio Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Radio is a wonderfully effective supplement to television advertising, or can be highly successful as a stand-alone medium. Our legal radio library is highly professional. If you have a specific idea in mind, we can also collaborate with you to create impressive, high-quality custom radio spots within a very reasonable budget. Our radio media buyers have years of experience and they know what works. Carefully tracked data and proven results help our media buyers pick the perfect stations and air times for your law firm.

Okay, so radio isn’t as “cool” as some of the other hip, newer media platforms.

Or is it?

Despite its old tradition, new innovations within radio have got some serious chops.

As mobile units become mainstay, hybrid radio like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify offer ways to be heard anywhere you are, whether at home, in your car, at the office or in the gym. User program formats keep audiences engaged because people get to create preferences. So, instead of just hearing your message, they’re really listening to it.”

Traditional radio, too, could have a place within your marketing plan.  Local information matters, and it gets people involved in local events with local personalities.  Popular, local personalities endorsing your business is an effective way to gain credibility at a deeper, human level.  It builds a bridge of trust and likability to your brand.

Another cool thing about radio?  It’s affordable, both in its media buy and its production costs. At blue onion, we do both and have for years.  Our big investments in media research and software pay off big for our clients

When our comprehensive strategy works for your business, you’ll think that radio’s pretty cool too.

Contact us today to put together a strategic radio plan to reach your target audience and get your firm’s name on the tip of their tongues.