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Email automation can become an integral, profit-driving machine for your law firm.

Your firm’s email database is loaded with people who willingly gave you their personal information, and many of them would advocate for your firm, if you offer value and stay top of mind.

Email marketing is part of a comprehensive media strategy…but writing a compelling and click-worthy email is no short order, especially when your law firm is competing for open rates with dozens of popular brands.

Here’s what you get with our service:

  • Organized planning and automation
  • Creative topics that intersect a variety of legal services
  • Dedicated research to ensure content is credible, timely, and useful
  • Quality designs and capabilities ideal for mobile and desktop users
  • Healthy list management
  • Detailed analytics
  • Hands-on account managers

Plus, when you create these critical touch points with your audience, you’re also investing in:

  • Local credibility
  • Community support
  • Thought leadership
  • Brand awareness

advantages of email marketing

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