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Marketing to Millennials: The Significant ROI They Can Bring Your Firm


Marketing to Millennials doesn’t have to seem impossible! In this webinar, curated and presented by three Millennials, you will learn how to leverage their generation’s different world views and brand engagement preferences to your law firm’s advantage. There’s real ROI tied to knowing this audience – they are the largest generation with the most spending power. Invest an hour and walk away with actionable tactics you start to implement in your marketing today.

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Reach New Clients Through Powerful Messaging, Production Values and Testimonials


For your law firm to be taken seriously by potential clients, these three things need to be consistent and cohesive across all platforms. We live in a multi-touchpoint world – every time your law firm’s message reaches a potential client, it needs to leave the same impression. There can be no disconnect. Take your messaging, production values and testimonials to the next level with these insider tips and tactics from legal marketing pros who have been doing this for 30 years.

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How to Form a Profitable Message Through TV, Internet and Email Marketing


All firms, both large and small, are in the same boat – struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving and fragmented media landscape. This webinar covers how media consumption has changed and the ever-increasing importance of making your message work together on ALL platforms.

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