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How Will Your Business Use the Network?

Welcome to the Network

We’re an attorney marketing agency headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, with nearly 40 years of national industry practice and media production expertise. We create long-term business partnerships with every client, starting with transparency and effective communication.

Our philosophy is simple: one client per market. We don’t accept new clients if they’re in direct competition with a current legal contract. We value loyalty, and our values wouldn’t align if we were forced to prioritize client objectives in the same market.

Plus, you get the personalized attention you need to optimize the Network, reach more clients, and grow your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a single marketing assistant or an entire marketing team, we’re ready to collaborate, lead the charge, and turn your investment into trackable results.

Speaking of results: that’s our specialty. We use a combination of proprietary and third-party technologies to provide evidence-based analysis, analytical tracking, and insights that inform our strategies and tactical approaches.

Don’t get us wrong, we love great creative, but we also understand that from a client’s point-of-view, data is easier to explain, track, and optimize. So, we love numbers as much as we do creative design.

So, what’s the Network? Unlike agencies that rely heavily on outsourcing, Network Affiliates and its subsidiary partner and production team, Crosspoint, are positioned to offer a full range of digital advertising services entirely from our in-house staff and facility located just west of Denver, Colorado.

Network Affiliates’ professional services include:

We’ve helped large, established law firms, as well as budding personal injury lawyers, find their voice in cities across the country. We’ll find what makes you special and drive it home with digital marketing, media planning and buying, as well as content solutions that you’ll be proud to share. How will your business use the Network?

Ready to talk? Let’s get to know each other. Claim your market by calling Network Affiliates at 888-461-1016. Don’t wait!

Network Affiliates - The Process
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