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At Network Affiliates, we believe that long-term business partnerships are the key to success. That means developing a relationship based on honesty and trust. Before we ever pitch any ideas to you, we’ll take the time to get to know your business.

We think the best way to do this is by only working with one client per market. This market exclusive approach is a win-win; you get our undivided attention and we get to focus our attorney expertise into a legal marketing strategy designed for you.

Maybe you’re here because you feel your current advertising agency isn’t on the ball. Maybe you feel like they just have too many clients. Or maybe you’re looking for a company that can offer a marketing plan as unique as you are. Whatever the case, if your current law firm advertising agency isn’t looking for ways to improve your strategies in broadcast or digital, your business will suffer.

We want to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and examine your expectations and goals.  So let’s talk. Claim your market by calling Network Affiliates today. After all, the last thing you want is for your competition to get to us first, right?

TV Advertising

Never underestimate the power of TV.
tv advertising for law firms
While digital advertising is a targeted form of marketing, broadcast advertising casts a much wider net. Think of it as an investment in your firm's future. It's the prime venue for you to build your brand. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TV SERVICES:

Online Marketing

Be sure your clients can find you.
digital marketing for lawyers, law firms
At Network Affiliates, we know how your potential clients think. We know how they look for information and we know how they will share that information with their friends and colleagues. Our expertise lies in our ability to digitally put your firm in the right place at the right time. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ONLINE SERVICES:

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Doing something is better than doing nothing. But doing the right thing is even better. In our 35+ years as a legal advertising agency, we’ve seen many law firms miss opportunities that could bring in more leads, better cases and a lot of money. Among those who do manage to make an effort, if the […] Read More →
Millennials are older, wiser and wealthier than you may think. They’re living life on their own and, just like anyone else, they’re vulnerable to accidents, injuries, and violations of their rights.
Whether you’re looking for a new paralegal, support staff member, or an associate attorney, there are several compelling reasons for considering a millennial’s application.
What are market analyses and media audits, exactly? And how do you know if you need one? Truth be told, these two assets are useful to just about any legal practice.
It's every small business' nightmare: a national competitor moves into your market, offering the same services. Do you know what to do after that?
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