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Founded by an attorney for attorneys, Network Affiliates isn’t like other legal marketing agencies. We’re the original…

Our late founder, Norton Frickey, pioneered legal service advertising in 1982, while running a successful law practice of his own in Denver, Colorado. He set the bar high the day he began Network Affiliates… one of passion, partnership, expertise and most importantly, trust.

Network Affiliates definitively understands your business—from a focus on KPI’s and growing your bottom line, to defining and expanding your brand’s reach and prominence, our team has the hands-on experience you’ve been looking for but could never find at a “traditional” agency…because your business doesn’t need tradition. It needs ground-breaking creative, innovative approaches to grow your business and personalized dedication to your success that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

Client relationships are our top priority… our team will become an extension of your practice, a testament to our core belief that integrity and collaboration are essential to developing a successful long-term partnership.

Network members (our esteemed clients) are like family to us, and we cultivate those relationships with our own experience and personal investment in every partnership we make. That commitment is also our primary focus within our extensive network of clients; elite law practices across the country. As a Network member, you’ll have a multitude of opportunities to collaborate with other innovative legal minds and successful entrepreneurs; learning through each other’s experiences, successes, and yes, sometimes challenges.

When you weave together our history, our expertise in the legal arena and our unshakable commitment to our clients, one thing is clear. Network Affiliates will elevate your practice and empower your brand in ways no other agency can deliver.