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By a Lawyer, For a Lawyer

Norton Frickey, Senior founded Network Affiliates Inc. in 1981, and we’ve been pioneering legal advertising and marketing ever since.

Norton Frickey didn’t start in marketing. An ambitious man, he put himself through law school with the wages and tips he made as a bellhop in a small motel in Topeka, KS. Frickey moved to  Denver and started his law firm in 1957. He was an accomplished defense attorney who took on many high profile cases. Eventually, he expanded his practice to service personal injury victims and those fighting for workers’ compensation and social security disability.

When the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the ban on lawyer advertising in 1977, Norton saw it as an opportunity to help others. It was then that he decided to open a marketing agency that would cater specifically to the legal industry.

Norton Frickey believed everyone deserved the right to honest and exceptional legal representation regardless of status or finances. By opening his own marketing and advertising firm, he helped connect skilled attorneys with people who desperately needed quality legal advice. His ultimate hope was that all people might have the chance to receive excellent legal representation; a goal we are true to this day.

Norton Frickey, Founder of Network Affiliates

Three Generations and Counting

Norton Frickey Senior retired from active law practice in 1988, allowing him to focus solely on Network Affiliates Inc. With the help of his son, Norty Frickey, and their many, wonderful tenured employees, Network has grown exponentially. What was once a television focused agency has been transformed into a full service legal marketing agency with capabilities ranging from custom television advertising and media buying to web design and mobile marketing.

Nowadays, Network Affiliates Inc. is poised to be handed off to the third generation of Frickeys. Norty’s daughter, Emily, currently heads up our digital efforts as Director of Digital Operations. One day she will run the company, following in the footsteps of her father and his father before him.

The secret to Network Affiliates’ tremendous success is that it is not just a well-run company; it is truly a tight knit family. This is not simply a mentality embraced by our employees, but one we strive to extend to our clients as well. It’s one of the many reasons we have employee and client relationships that have spanned years; some have even lasted since the day of Network’s conception.

Legal Marketing Experts

Becoming the company we are today has been no small task. It has required the utmost in commitment and dedication. It’s been the product of long meetings and sleepless nights. We were formed based on the notion that each of our clients deserves a unique approach to their advertising and marketing needs. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions and we certainly don’t buy into the existence of a status quo.

We can assure that you can have absolute confidence in the fact that, if you choose to work with Network Affiliates Inc., we will work tirelessly for you and your family as though they were our own. That’s our promise to you; from the first day we work together until the very last.