Attorneys Advertising to Younger Generations Need a Completely Different Playbook

Between strict bar association rules and the general public’s skepticism toward attorneys as a whole, legal marketing has never been the easiest undertaking. And, as we’ve covered before, reaching Millennials is especially challenging. So, if you’re running a law firm that advertises on television, we advise you to rethink your talking head strategy— especially if you […] Read More →

Keep Your Firm Competitive in A Fast-Changing Environment

Over the last several blogs, we’ve identified the very real evolutions impacting law firms in today’s ultra-competitive legal marketing environment — challenges both internal and external in nature. Figuring out what you’re up against it is the biggest piece of the puzzle. When trying to tackle a new problem, there is no better place to get […] Read More →

How To Create A KPI Baseline For Your Law Firm

Increase performance and find “free money” by consistently monitoring your law firm’s key performance indicators Attorneys continue to report that they are facing a more competitive market each and every year. With mounting influences from both inside (national and global players, Wal-Mart law firms, non-lawyer venture capitalists, tort reform) and outside (driverless cars, new standard […] Read More →

Current Challenges in the Legal Advertising Space – Part 2

The legal landscape has never been more competitive. Firms are expending more energy than ever on legal marketing and advertising, and it’s all just to stand out from the crowd. It’s difficult, though, because lawyers aren’t exactly swimming in free time, nor did they sign up for a second career as a marketing professional. Still, every […] Read More →

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