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“Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.”

-Dr. Jef Richards, Michigan State University

Getting noticed on the Internet isn’t easy. Everyone has a website. Your neighbor has a website. Your mom has a website.  And you can bet that your competing law firms have websites.

So how do you get people to visit your law firm’s website and then take action?

Successful digital marketing requires effective website design, strategic content marketing, and more. But it’s not only about what happens within your website. You have to venture out to the rest of the web too.

That’s where paid digital advertising comes in.

The Logic of Paid Digital Advertising for Law Firms

Digital advertising is radically different from traditional marketing. Television commercials cast a wide net to catch as much attention as possible.  But digital ads operate on a different logic.

With an online ad, your law firm can advertise to people who want to find you. That’s a big deal. Since many Internet ads are priced per click or impression, you don’t want to pay for people who aren’t interested.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that everyone you’re talking to already has a legal question or a potential case on their hands? That’s what digital advertising offers.

Through careful research and expert implementation, we can make sure that your ads only target prospective clients. These are people who want to know more about their rights, have real questions about cases, and are ready to take action. They’re going to find a law firm. We want to make sure it’s yours.

At Network Affiliates, we specialize in creative digital advertising strategies. We design your campaigns with specific parameters and objectives, all informed by your budget. That’s important, because it is very easy to throw money away with digital ads when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Digital campaigns fall short when they focus on bells and whistles to the exclusion of all else. Technology is only part of the story. In digital advertising, the output is only as good as the input. Custom campaign setup is a must. Our team digs deep to really understand your business, and then we build a campaign to fit you and your goals.

The biggest complaint among those who advertise digitally is that they didn’t realize their projected ROI. Invariably, that’s a result of go-it-alone, do-it-yourself digital advertising. Alternatively, it might signify a legal marketing firm that simply doesn’t have adequate experience in high-level online ad campaigns.

At Network Affiliates, we are fixated on your firm’s ROI. If an ad campaign isn’t producing results, it’s time to calibrate — and fast. We are constantly engaged in high-tech analytics and data reports to ensure that your digital ads are tracked and laser-like in their focus.

In the right hands, digital advertising can pay big dividends for your law firm. These ads have the ability to bring someone with a big-money case to your firm instead of someone else’s. But that won’t happen unless you’re out there advertising — and advertising smartly.

Types of Digital Advertising

There is no standard procedure in digital advertising for law firms. Different legal practices (and practice areas) will benefit from different types of digital marketing. Budgets are relevant too, of course, and we remain ever respectful of yours.

Our team will conduct thorough, data-driven research to identify the specific types of digital advertising that are most likely to represent the biggest results and best ROI for your firm. Strategy is key.

The following are among our most common digital advertising solutions:

Learn More About Digital Advertising for Law Firms

Your target area has thousands or millions of people in it, and most of them will surf the web today.

Some of those people already have lawsuits or legal matters requiring representation. We want to find those people directly and bring them to your website, where we can convert them into clients.

That’s really the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to digital advertising for law firms — leads and conversions. The goal is to bring in more people, grow your practice, and get results for your investment — without breaking the bank.

At Network Affiliates, we know how to design and execute affordable campaigns that work. We’ve been pioneering legal marketing since the day it began (literally), and we’re proud to continue that as innovators in digital advertising for lawyers.

Reach out to our office today and ask about your best next steps. We’re here to help.