Sounds good. Have fun exploring!

If you’ve spent any time researching digital marketing strategies for your law firm, you’ve come across countless companies offering those services.

Many offer marketing services a la carte. Some agencies only focus on one part like reputation management, SEO, or website design.

But at Network Affiliates, we do it all at. We build mobile-friendly websites that rank. We write content that ranks and attracts backlinks. And we make sure your local listings are accurate. We take a holistic approach to digital marketing services because the more our team collaborates, the better your results.

It all starts with an audit…

What Do I Get for My Digital Retainer?

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Local listing management
  • Email marketing
  • Leads
  • New Clients

Digital Audit

Before we plan where we’re going, we need to see where you’re at.

If you’re a new client, we’ll audit your website, your site’s content, your social media profiles, and check the status of your local listing profiles.

We’re looking for performance issues. Does it look good on desktop and mobile? Is it fast? Is the site copy and content well produced?

From there, we’ll look at your site’s organic performance, comparing it with digital competitors in your market. We’ll also take a look at your social profiles and your law firm’s local listings (e.g., Google My Business, Yelp, etc.).

After reviewing these assets, we’ll build a custom digital strategy that fulfills the unique needs of your law firm. More importantly, we’ll design a 12-month game plan so clients know what’s ahead.

Your Law Firm’s Website

There are several ways to build a website. Unfortunately, the one you have may not have the functionality needed to support our strategy.

Depending on how your site is built, it may be quicker and less expensive to build a new website instead of trying to retrofit your site with technologies like PWA or AMP.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use templates or proprietary platforms to design and build websites—each client’s site is a collaborative process that includes custom design and features.

When we’re done, your law firm’s website will look nice, load quickly on desktop and mobile, and convert visitors to leads.


Once a year, our team writes a content calendar for your website. That calendar contains the topics we’re creating and the goals we plan to achieve with it.

Content is produced on a monthly basis. After we write and edit the content, we send it over for a quick review to mitigate factual errors—we’re not lawyers, after all.

Because our digital strategy can be negatively affected by lapses in regular content publication, we publish scheduled content 14 days after it was sent for approval—we can always go back and make changes.

Local Listings & Reviews

Local listings are important for two reasons. First, you need your business information to be accurate and listed on relevant directories (e.g., Google My Business, Yelp, CitySearch, etc.). Second, those listings are called citations, and Google uses citations as a ranking factor in its local pack listing.

Like backlinks, generally, the more citations you have, the better your Google My Business listing will do in the local pack.

When you come on board, we scan the major directories for errors, get them verified, and correct any wrong information. Some of these, as you may know, are hubs for client reviews.

The reviews on your Google My Business listing and Facebook page could be the difference between a site visitor contacting your law firm or them looking at competitors.

Reviews are important, and with our digital retainer, you get access to an industry-leading review platform. It works by sending emails and/or text messages to former clients, asking if they’d take the time to review your services.

Email Marketing

If you have news to announce (e.g., a new hire, legal update, or a comment on a recent controversy), we can help get the message into your subscriber’s inbox.

We also specialize in syndicated content designed to keep your law firm’s brand top-of-find and useful. These friendly emails are designed with everyday applicability in mind so that even if there’s no news to report, we have content ready to send.

We can use your law firm’s existing database or build one for you—either way, if you want to increase referrals, email marketing is a great way to build your referral business.

Monthly Reports

Website performance, content, promotion, reviews, and email marketing campaigns are a lot to keep up with. That’s why we pile it all into one report and send it to you at the end of each month.

The report covers a summary of Google Analytics metrics (or key performance indicators) for each month and encompasses overall sessions, users and pageviews, as well as things like pages viewed per session, average session duration and bounce rate.

Monthly reporting includes goals that vary by client, such as form submissions, chat interactions, inbound phone calls, and so on. The report also covers social media metrics, PPC, email campaign performance, call tracking, etc.

And if you don’t want to look at all of those numbers, we include a brief analysis of the previous month’s performance.