Law firm marketing isn’t just our specialty, it’s our obsession. We understand your business, your challenges, AND your competition. Our job is to know your market better than you do and use that knowledge to create a customized marketing strategy that works.

Our offering includes nearly every service a lawyer could need. From media buying and TV production, to content marketing, social media management, website design, and more.

Our approach to law firm marketing is time-tested and simple:

We only hire the best.

This industry is always changing. These changes are challenges that can only be overcome with the help of industry experts.

That’s why we hire the very best people we can find. When we’re interviewing new candidates, we put a strong focus on talent, personality, and chemistry. The ultimate goal? Build a collaborative environment where creativity flourishes and inspiration is a daily occurrence.

One of the main reasons we’re able to do this is because Network Affiliates has been family owned and operated since day one. In fact, many of the folks that work here have been with us since the start.

The fact that we have employees who have stuck around for so long speaks volumes about our commitment to loyalty and dedication. Our employees aren’t just members of a team, they’re members of our family, and we treat them like it.

We help you dominate your market.

digital marketing services chargNetwork Affiliates is a boutique agency. We’ve built our business around the idea that the legal advertising requires specialized treatment, a belief that is evident in our commitment to work with only one legal client in each designated market area (DMA).

To give your firm the attention it needs to succeed, we simply cannot work with multiple clients in the same location. That’s why we master your market and dedicate our efforts to funneling our advertising success directly into your practice’s pockets.

Working with Network Affiliates means you can rest assured that your secrets and prosperity won’t be shared with your competitors.

We only focus on what’s really important.

At Network Affiliates, there are two goals we go out of our way to accomplish.

Goal #1: Create alluring advertising strategies that astonish our clients and compel consumers to take action.

When you’ve been around for over 30 years, you tend to know what works and how to fix what doesn’t.

We analyze every fact, figure, and metric. Our teams stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. We invest heavily in resources designed to provide us the best competitive intel available. This is how our know how becomes your advantage.

Network affiliates is a “one stop shop” for all your legal advertising needs. Our superior knowledge of legal advertising translates to measurable results and success stories that do most of the talking for us.

And, while the tactics we use to accomplish these results may change, the outcome does not: quality leads that produce quality cases.

If you’d like to know more about the law firm marketing services Network Affiliates offers, contact us today.

Goal #2: Treat our clients like family.

Family is there for you, through good times and bad. Treating you like family means spending more time on ensuring your firm’s success. It means accomplishing tasks with earnestness and representing your business with sincerity.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that sets itself apart from the rest, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team more suitable than Network Affiliates.