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Why Get a Media Audit?

If you are a legal TV advertiser, media is most likely the biggest expense in your advertising budget. All too often attorneys find out that their hard earned money is going towards media plans that aren’t working as well as they could.

Do you know where and how your dollars are spent?

A media audit has one purpose, and that is to make sure your media budget is targeting the right audience in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.

Sure, you can have a media audit performed by the agency you’re already doing business with.  But a conflict of interest could cloud those results.  Your current advertising agency may withhold or exaggerate certain details to keep you as a client.

While this doesn’t always happen, having a media audit performed by an objective third party eliminates this concern. It’s one of the best ways to get unbiased insight about your media strategy and reveal exactly how far your media dollars are going.

At the end of the day, it’s a small, worthwhile insurance policy to make sure you’re reaching your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

What Matters Most in a Media Audit

The simple answer is: measurable, factual data boiled down into actionable insights.

At Network Affiliates, we compare what you ordered with what the media stations delivered. Some of the questions we ask in a media audit include:

  • Did your advertisements run during the correct time of day?
  • Did your advertisements run during the correct programs?
  • Was the correct mixture of :15’s, :30’s, and :60’s used?
  • Were you charged according to the promised cost per point?
  • Did your schedule achieve the gross rating points you ordered?

If the answer to all of the questions above isn’t yes, you could be suffering massive lost opportunity costs. A media audit helps you hold media stations and your advertising agency accountable, which translates to more sales and higher profit margins for your business.

Our Media Auditing Process

The way we execute a media audit is fairly simple:

  1. Complete a MNDA, allowing both parties to share information freely.
  2. Organize a discovery session to develop the goals, scope, and objectives of the audit.
  3. Inform you of documents the audit will require, including:
    • Demographic/psychographic info for target audiences(s)
    • An overview of your current media strategy
    • Affidavits from your media stations and/or Google Analytics
  4. Next, we’ll recreate your past media buys in our own system. This allows us to analyze your current affidavits and gather information on underperformance and/or missed opportunities for make goods, no charges, or added value.
  5. Using this data, we’ll make recommendations on how to alter your media mix to achieve your goals and desired ROI.
  6. Finally, we’ll compile all of our findings and recommendations into one, easy to digest report for you to review.

Why Choose Network Affiliates for Your Next Media Audit?

We take pride in only putting out high quality work that helps our clients grow their business. We’re the perfect partner for a media audit because:

  • We know that you don’t just need data; you need access to a team of industry experts who can reimagine and reengineer your media strategy.
  • We use your past media performance as a tool to enhance your future performance.
  • We invest over $300,000 per year on research, tools, and software designed to make our media audits cohesive, coherent, and cost efficient.
  • We’ve been in the business for over 40 years; planning, negotiating, and buying media in almost every DMA in the United States.
  • We work for you. Our goal is not to displace your current vendors but rather to help you make an objective decision about your media strategy going forward.

Ensuring that your media strategy reaches the right audience at the right time is crucial to your success. If not, your money is simply going to waste

Our research tools and combined experience have given us much insight as to the media consumption habits of almost every consumer group there is.

For an affordable fee, we’ll recreate your media buy, review the results and provide an objective report on your strategy is performing. Call Network Affiliates at 888-461-1016 to schedule a free initial consultation about your businesses’ current media situation and future goals.