PPC Services for Attorneys, Law Firms

Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) is a form of digital advertising that puts your firm in direct control of search engine placement and offers immediate results.

Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to decide where your law firm shows up on Google. You essentially get to choose your ranking in the paid search results.

How Does PPC Work?

We’ll outline the details below, but the essence is in the name itself: you only pay for your ad when someone clicks it.

Lots of people may see your ad, but you’ll only be charged for those who are actually click it. No other method of advertising allows for that kind of precision and discretion.

PPC enables you to harness the demand that already exists for your services.

Network Affiliates is a legal marketing agency that believes in the power of PPC when it’s well controlled. Control is key. As we’ll explain below, it’s very easy to pay way too much per click (and for too many clicks) when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Can Get Expensive, Fast

The danger in any PPC campaign is a budget that spirals out of control. This is the downfall of many, many PPC campaigns and the biggest reason that some businesses avoid it. Overpaying is especially common among those who attempt PPC by themselves.

Google AdWords is the leading PPC tool (though there are certainly others). As you can imagine, Google has designed AdWords to make money. But they’ve also designed it to afford users tremendous control over what they spend.

It all comes down to very precise parameters that are easy to misunderstand. You can quickly pay too much for the wrong kind of customer or the wrong kind of ad. And even if your campaign is otherwise perfect, too many of the right kinds of clicks can still add up to more than your campaign is worth.

A law firm could end up paying for PPC hand over fist. At Network Affiliates, we don’t let that happen.

Our team will work closely with yours at the outset to make sure we understand your budget and your goals. With us in control, your PPC campaign will never exceed your budget.

Even more importantly, we’ll work hard to get you a real return on your investment.

Law Firms Are at a Disadvantage: Legal Keywords Cost More

Here’s a secret that a lot of marketing agencies won’t tell you at first (or perhaps don’t even realize themselves): keywords for law firms are some of the most expensive terms to purchase.

It becomes imperative that you adhere to best practices, and that means a restrained and strategic PPC campaign.

AdWords considers certain terms and phrases to be more valuable than others. Accordingly, each click associated with those terms will cost more — sometimes a lot more.

The market for legal websites is extremely competitive. There are so many law firms trying to get that “holy grail” first-page placement — the higher the better. The price for relative keywords rises as a result.

To counter those high costs, it’s essential that we identify keywords that produce conversions vs. those that do not. We also need a sound understanding of the phrases that your competitors seem to be targeting, and whether they’re succeeding with those. That’s why we begin with intensive keyword research — a step that too many agencies hurry or ignore.

From there, we move forward with a reverse conversion strategy. In other words, we start with the landing page. (A landing page is a web page that we set up for the special purpose of serving as an “arrival point” for incoming traffic — in this case, visitors who are reaching your site by clicking on your PPC ad.)

We look at the landing page we’ve created for the campaign, and we ask:

  • Is this landing page built to optimize conversions?
  • Is a mobile-first strategy appropriate here and, if so, are we following it?
  • Are we seizing opportunities to retrieve user information?
  • Do we have a strong call to action?
  • Is the content here going to earn a high quality score (explained below)?

Then we develop your ad’s keyword strategy to align with the content we’ve created for the landing page. As with any other page on your site, content is very important for landing pages.

Quality Scores and PPC Costs for Personal Injury Lawyers & Other Law Firms

PPC campaigns can get complicated. The terminology gets heady, and there’s a lot of strategy involved. Lawyers are busy people and don’t always want to delve into all the “inside baseball” — we understand. But we also want you to know what you’re paying for and how we’re adding value to your investment.

One of the more important things to understand is the quality score that AdWords will assign your ad. Assessed on a scale of 1 to 10, the quality score is essentially the Google system’s opinion of your ad and your landing page. The system is looking for things like relevancy, usefulness to the person looking at your ad, strength of the content, quality of the landing page, etc.

Earning a high quality score is difficult for lawyers, and especially for personal injury attorneys. But it isn’t impossible and it must become an area of focus.

Higher quality scores empower us to make lower keyword bids for your firm while still maintaining a top position in the search engine results.

Falling short in your quality score can mean a very expensive endeavor with very little (or nothing) to show for it.

If you want an affordable PPC campaign that ultimately produces new cases for your firm, then you need a high quality score. And if you want a high quality score, then you must have excellent ads and landing pages, informed by a well-researched and thought-out keyword strategy. And to get those things, you need an experienced marketing agency advancing your best interests.

That’s what we offer at Network Affiliates.

Aggressively Getting You the Best Results in Law Firm PPC

We specialize in Pay-Per-Click management targeting the right customers at the right times.

We aggressively track your ads’ progress and fine-tune as needed, making sure that you’re never paying more per click than you need to get the very best results.

When it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing for law firms, no other legal marketing agency offers more effective PPC campaign management than Network Affiliates. We put the power of the web in your hands.

PPC Gives Law Firms a Hard-to-Come-By Advantage

Digital marketing tools like PPC are popular with law firms because they allow for advertising to targeted consumers (i.e. likely clients) in a way that is difficult when using more traditional modes of advertising. As you know, attorney ethics rules generally don’t allow direct solicitation.

PPC lets you advertise to specific subsets of web users without engaging in direct solicitation. In other words, it lets you advertise in the way that businesses in virtually every other industry do — a real source of relief for law firms that often feel frustrated by tight regulations.

The web is filled with people who need legal assistance, advice, or representation. With PPC, we can find those people and put their eyes on your ads.
We can even target people who’ve already been looking for firms like yours online.

How We Get Quick Results with Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Law Firms

Most methods of web marketing are long-term-oriented. Content marketing and organic SEO, for example, are extremely effective but they do take time to establish.

In the right hands, though, Pay-Per-Click can deliver almost-instant results. That’s not a “make-it-big-quick” promise; it’s just the way AdWords works.

At Network Affiliates, we custom-design every single one of our PPC campaigns. They are narrowly tailored to achieve specific goals. We’re generally able to put you exactly where you want to be in the paid search results, often in a matter of mere hours.

That speed to market is among the biggest advantages of pay-per-click marketing for law firms. We’re often able to achieve first-page ranking for the majority of your keywords within days of launching your campaign.

We can make modifications on the fly too. If we need to pause one campaign and launch another to address a new keyword or edge out a competitor, we can do that with the click of a mouse.

A Comprehensive, Big-Picture Approach

When you compare PPC’s quick results to the decidedly long-term nature of organic search and SEO content marketing, it makes sense for your web strategy to incorporate a PPC component.

Network Affiliates can actually coordinate your SEO efforts with your PPC ads, using the keyword data that we mine from those ads to inform the content we add to your website.

AdWords Is Always Changing, and Mobile Is Making an Impact

If you follow the marketing world, you might’ve heard the hubbub over Google’s decision to eliminate right-hand rail placement (the paid ads that used to appear on the right-hand side of Google’s search results).

That decision was the result of nearly two years’ worth of focus group testing. Consumer feedback showed that Google users hated those right-hand ads. Without them, people had an easier time reading their search results.
But what about the value of that right-hand rail space to AdWords and its customers? As it turns out, those ads weren’t as valuable as some people thought anyway. Google confirmed that right-hand ads produced significantly fewer conversions than the top-of-the-page ads.

As a result, then, when the right-hand ads disappeared, Google increased the number of top-of-the-page ads from two to three.

Meanwhile, for mobile devices, Google is testing a fourth top-of-the-page ad too. It’s clear that AdWords is implementing a mobile-first strategy (a reflection of the increased mobile traffic that ad buyers are earning).

With changes afoot, industry watchdogs are worried that the price per click is going to rise. Google insists that it won’t. Time will tell, but this much is certain: the number of people running searches on Google isn’t declining anytime soon.

The question, then, is: do you want to be one of the three or four ads they see?

If so, we can make that happen — strategically and affordably.

Make the Most of Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Law Firms. Call Us Today.

PPC is a powerful and reliable way to expand your practice and bring in big new cases. Great results come from careful, strategic, and experienced PPC campaign management.

That’s what we offer at Network Affiliates. With our PPC advertising, you’ll only pay for relevant traffic — limited by zip code, keywords, weekdays, local time, user search history, and more.

We create expertly written ad copy, and we execute responsible, budget-conscious campaigns. We bring in worthwhile traffic and cut down on dead leads.

Here’s a FREE TIP:

PPC ads can also generate phone calls — for free! That’s important for law firms because studies show that many people find lawyers online but then contact them by phone. If you include a phone number in your ad, people can place a call without actually clicking on it!

That’s a big deal because you’re getting a conversion without even paying for the click! But there are a few key caveats here.

First, as of a few years ago, Google will only allow phone number extensions. Make sure, then, that the number in your ad has a different extension than the phone number on your landing page! That way, you’re able to track your PPC performance and assess its effectiveness.