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Remarketing/ Retargeting

On the Cutting Edge of Online Advertising for Law Firms

Remarketing is an online advertising strategy in which we direct ads to people who have already visited your website. You’ll sometimes see the same practice referred to as retargeting.

Remarketing is smart advertising. Most people who visit your website come there for a reason — they have a pressing legal question, perhaps, or are shopping around for a local law firm that fits their needs.

They might not have taken action at the time, but they were likely interested, and that makes them smart targets. Simply knowing who those people are represents a key strategic advantage.

With remarketing, we’re able to display your ads when those people visit other company’s websites. It becomes both a reminder and a call to action. And when implemented strategically, it is extremely effective.

Better still, retargeting increases the cost-effectiveness of your original advertising campaigns. Essentially, you are capitalizing on the leads you’ve already captured, thereby expanding your return on the investment you made in capturing those leads in the first place.

You have probably encountered retargeting / remarketing yourself. If you have ever wondered how one website seemed to “know” that you had been to an unrelated website, you were probably looking at a retargeted ad.

The strategy has grown increasingly popular in recent years, a reflection of its cost-effective utility for businesses, including law firms.

Remarketing campaigns are complex, though. Like most forms of online advertising, they can prove wasteful if they aren’t set up and managed with specific goals and a strategy for achieving those goals.

Why Remarketing for Law Firms Makes Sense

Remarketing / retargeting campaigns are used across a range of industries, but they’re especially helpful to law firms. That’s true for two key reasons.

  1. The Nature of Prospective Clients — Many people who are searching for law firms will do a bit of research before taking action. They want to make sure they understand an issue and are making the best choice before scheduling a consultation. So if they visit your website but then go on to other firms or decide to mull it over for a few days, they might forget your firm’s name. Or maybe they missed the thing on your website that would have “made the sale.”

With retargeting / remarketing, you’ll be able to reach back out to those visitors while they browse other websites in the days or weeks ahead — even non-legal ones. That’s something your competitors might not be doing (or at least not as well).

  1. The Cost of Keywords for Law Firms — In the world of pay-per-click advertising (PPC), legal keywords are among the most expensive. While Network Affiliates is adept at getting law firms the biggest bang for their buck in PPC, we also recognize that there is tremendous value in knowing your audience. Given the high cost of keywords, it makes sense to maximize your visibility and exposure to everyone who visits your site.

Remarketing for law firms is an opportunity to identify likely clients and then lead them down the path to converting (i.e. calling your office or contacting you online to schedule a consultation).

Remarketing in Social Media

Retargeting / remarketing isn’t only about Google AdWords and PPC. Increasingly, we are retargeting law firm ads for social media too.

Many of the leading social platforms allow for remarketing, and it’s especially effective on Facebook. There, we can hand-pick your best or most popular social media posts and then send them directly to the newsfeeds of people who have visited your website in the past.

We can even create custom ads for custom groups. For example, we might send one ad to people who visited your auto accidents webpage and a different ad to people who visited your medical malpractice webpage. And that’s just the beginning. The options for customization are nearly endless.

Programmatic Remarketing for Law Firms

In programmatic advertising, we design algorithms that collect extra data about your website’s visitors and then determine things like ad selection and PPC bid price based on that data. In other words, programmatic advertising is more dynamic and data-sensitive than standard, static advertising controls (and yields a higher ROI accordingly).

At Network Affiliates, we routinely utilize programmatic algorithms in our PPC efforts for law firms. Our remarketing campaigns are no exception. By using programmatic algorithms, we can give you total control over which ads are displayed to which visitors (and how much you pay for those ads).

Network Affiliates: Leaders in Retargeting / Remarketing for Law Firms

Network Affiliates is known for having pioneered attorney advertising some forty years ago. We were first on the scene when the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the ban on legal advertising, and our firm pioneered many of the very first attorney TV ads.

Decades later, with the advent of the internet, we saw a new opportunity to pioneer attorney advertising all over again. Our firm expanded its television production and media buying services to include web marketing strategies as well.

Since then, we’ve been on the forefront of using the internet to get law firms better clients and new cases.

We are proud to have recognized the value in remarketing for law firms early on, not only in PPC advertising generally but also in social media ads.

Our agency employs a team of social media experts who coordinate our various  digital advertising efforts, creating custom campaigns and strategies for each law firm. We keep our clients’ ROI in focus, and we deliver real results.

Back in Sight, Back in Mind

The old “out of sight, out of mind” adage can frustrate online advertising efforts. For a long time, when someone left your website, that meant you might have lost that lead for good. But now, with retargeting, your firm can keep a grip on those leads. It’s sound logic and good business.

But as with any other PPC or social media campaign, big results aren’t easy to come by. Setting up an advanced and budget-conscious remarketing campaign requires experienced expertise. The legal marketing experts at Network Affiliates can maximize your reach and your budget.


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