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Search engine optimization (SEO)  is an important part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Search engines remain the primary drivers of web traffic, and SEO steers that traffic in your law firm’s website.

Without a solid strategy, it is impossible to know what’s working. Spotty execution yields minimal or mediocre results. That’s the biggest mistake businesses, law firms, and some marketing firms make.

Why A Law Firm’s Website Needs SEO

Poor SEO execution, or no strategy at all means you’re potentially leaving money on the table.

Consider the following data, collected from sites like Hubspot, SEW (Search Engine Watch), and SEJ (The Search Engine Journal):

  • 96 percent of people who visit lawyers online use a search engine to do so.
  • 75 percent of search users never click past the first page of results.
  • The top Google result gets 36.4 percent of the traffic for that search. The second gets 12.5 percent. The third gets 9.5 percent. Each subsequent result earns incrementally less
  •  74 percent of people who search for law firms online are ready to take action.
  • 31 percent of online law firm traffic originates with a mobile search
  • 87 percent  of people who contact a lawyer online ultimately hire  the first lawyer they contact

Content Is An SEO Workhorse

There’s nothing Google loves quite so much as fresh, high-quality content.

Your website primarily consists of metadata, static web pages, and recurring content.

Metadata is the stuff that readers never see — backend text that tells the search engines what your page is all about.

Static pages are your website’s landing pads — the home page, the practice area overviews, the “about our team” bios, and more.

Finally, recurring content refers to the content you add to your website on a regular basis.

Of course, there is non-written content too. And while Google loves great writing, your users love other kinds of content as well.

For example, your law firm’s website content might consist of:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Infographics
  • Interactive elements
  • And more

Users respond positively to these alternative forms of content, and you’ll even get a valuable, secondary SEO boost out of them too. We can help.

Get Started with Expert SEO for Law Firms

At Network Affiliates, we offer targeted and strategic SEO for attorneys and law firms. We pride ourselves on tracking our SEO efforts, testing them for effectiveness, and reporting back to you.

Our vision is always fixed on your results. We can make a difference in your site’s search engine performance. Contact Network Affiliates for a free, confidential examination of the SEO on your law firm’s website.